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What sets us apart from other lift companies? Our customers say it’s the lengths we go to, to ensure they get the right support and the best expertise. We think it’s down to a combination of hard work, experience and fully understanding our customer’s expectations.

We undertake: installation, maintenance, repairs and refurbishments. We can also provide expert advice on specification and hydraulic lift technology, as well as inspections and reports.

We operate on your behalf as part of your business – providing friendly, effective and professional support to your customers, working under your own brand and reporting directly to you. Our engineers will wear your company’s branded workwear to your customers sites and all customer documentation is un-branded.

We’re based in North Buckinghamshire, from where we’re able to service customers all over the country matching expertise to fault rather than an ethos of the nearest will do!

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  • We can provide objective, impartial advice before undertaking upgrades to extend the working life of your existing lifts – together with technical reports and testing as required.

    Horsler Lift Services upgrades and modernisation programmes can include:

    • Re-wiring and electrical upgrades
    • Replacement of control panels
    • Power units and cylinders
    • Heating and cooling system upgrades
    • Car frames and components
    • Hydraulic lift modernisation using the proven Hydroelite system

    Hydroelite is an integrated control and drive system for hydraulic elevators. The heart of the system is a unique patented valve, that through servo technology, obtains completely different characteristics to conventional systems. The elevator arrives to the floors with direct approach that dramatically reduces the energy consumption and also increases the traffic capacity.

    The system is self-learning and does not demand any manual adjustments during installation. The communication between the different functions of the system is via a CAN bus that reduces the installation time significantly and at the same time allows increased system flexibility.

    Every Hydroelite is 100% pre-tested in the Hydroware factory on real lifts before dispatch. This minimises the risks of problems that may occur on site. This also helps to reduce the installation time.

    The user has the advantage of shorter waiting times, shorter travelling times and considerably improved travel comfort.

    The Hydroelite is provided in the versions Veni and Vidi. They can also be made as a machine roomless version as well as a mini version.

  • Our engineers can carry out major or minor repairs on any kind of lift or component. Before undertaking repairs, they can also advise on whether a repair or replacement is the best course of action. Surveys and reports can be undertaken and detailed estimates provided before work commences.

    Our aim is always to minimise lift downtime for your customers, whilst ensuring that best practice and quality workmanship is maintained.

    We can undertake repairs to or replacement of:

    • Power units, including valves, pumps and motors
    • Valves
    • Ram seals
    • Pipework, hoses and fittings
    • Air blast oil coolers
    • Heat exchangers
    • Control units
    • Motors, replacements or rewinds
  • We can supply branded spares including valves, ram seals, pumps, heaters and other components and for most types of lift – from all the major manufacturers.

    In addition to spare parts, we carry oil and other consumables in stock.

    For most parts, we are usually able to deliver to your company or direct to a customer premises within 48 hours.

    We can supply:

    • Ram seals
    • Control valves
    • Rupture valves
    • Valve electronics and components
    • Airblast coolers
    • Heat exchangers
    • Heaters
    • Inverters
    • Pumps
    • Motors
    • Pressure switches
    • Hoses
    • Oil

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